Men’s Premium Modern Fit White Dress Shirt – Convertible French Cuffs



Premium rayon and poly blend

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  • SIMPLE ELEGANCE. Made from a soft and comfortable poly/cotton blend fabric. (65% polyester / 35% cotton) This classically stylish men’s collared dress shirt comes in a modern fit which is slightly more of a tailored fit than a regular fit. It also features a front pocket, French convertible cuffs, and coordinates perfectly with virtually any jacket, trousers, suit, tie, and cufflinks, offering endless wardrobe possibilities.
  • CONVERTIBLE FRENCH CUFFS. Convertible cuffs offer fantastic versatility, and provide the option to wear the cuffs in two different ways; either with the cuff buttons, or in the French cuff style, with cufflinks. Since cufflinks have become increasingly more popular over that past few years, more guys than ever before are now seeking this multi-purpose, convertible cuff style.
  • VAST SELECTION. Available in a myriad of appealing colors, ranging from light to dark, and subdued to bright, these convertible French cuff dress shirts offer a multitude of wonderful wardrobe options.
  • WELL PRICED, TIMELESS STYLE. Traditional in its design, this inexpensive, but very durable men’s dress shirt will undoubtedly become a fixture in your wardrobe. And with a wide array of charming hues available at such a wallet-friendly price, why not buy a few?
  • EASY MAINTENANCE. These collared, convertible cuff men’s dress shirts are machine washable, and may be washed separately or with similar colors. Tumble dry and warm iron.
  • This French convertible cuff collared dress shirt can be worn in two different ways; with cufflinks or with the shirt cuff buttons. Cufflinks in men’s wear have soared in popularity over recent years, making the transition from “formal wear only,” to a more universal style that can be worn at both formal and casual occasions. Due to this rising trend, having the option to wear a shirt cuff buttoned or with cufflinks 
  • has increased in its appeal. This collared men’s dress shirt’s traditional design allows for easy coordination with just about any suit, tie, jacket and trousers.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 3 cm

S/14-14.5/32-33, M/15-15.5/32-33, M/15.15.5/34-35, L/16-16.5/32-33, L/16-16.5/34-35, L/16-16.5/36-37, XL/17-17.5/32-33, XL/17-17.5/34-35, XL/17-17.5/36-37, 2XL/18-18.5/34-35, 2XL/18-18.5/36-37, 3XL/19-19.5/36-37, 4XL/20-20.5/36-37, 5XL/21-21.5/36-37


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